Cross Country

Standard shoe tag
that the athlete attaches to their shoe lace. The shoe tag must be collected at the end of the races and returned to us. There is a fee for any shoe tags that are not returned. Also available are custom shoe tags which can are customized with information about the event. These are kept by the athlete.
A bib tag
which attaches to the athlete’s bib number and is not collected at the end of the races. The event pays for the bib tag and doesn’t have to worry about collecting the tags after the races. These can be attached to generic bib numbers, or to custom bibs.
“Mile marker” clocks
for use on the course usually at either the mile marks or the Km marks.
Readers and timing mats
on the course to capture splits at various locations.
HD cameras
at the finish as a backup in case athletes are missed with the “CHIP”. We have seen where athletes will lose their timing tag on the course or lose the shoe with the tag.
Race announcing
Readers and mats near the finish that can be used announce athletes as they approach the finish line.
which can include: team scores, individual results, and results at the split locations.
Hosting results
on our website and/or electronic results for your website.
Inflatable Arch
A 26 foot wide inflatable arch for use at the finish line. The arch can accommodate bannering. 3 x 3 banners supporting your sponsors or advertising your meet.