Standard Multi-sport tag
Each athlete is issued a multi-sport tag that is attached to a neoprene band and worn around the ankle. These timing chips must be collected at the end of the triathlon and returned to us.
Included in base price. Note: There is a $15 fee for any multi-sport tags not returned.
Transition clocks
singled sided clocks used in the transition area for the athletes. Included in base price.
Included in base price.
Double Sided Clock
used at the finish. The advantage is the clock can be read by participants and spectators.
Included in base price.
Timing mats in the transition area
to capture splits at each transition
Included in base price.
High Definition (HD) cameras
at the finish as a backup in case athletes are missed with the “CHIP”. Missing an athlete is typically caused by athletes losing their timing tag on the course or in the transition area.
Included in base price.
Printed reports
at various times during the race and final report at the conclusion of the race. Reports include awards list, overall results.
Included in base price.
Website results hosting
Post your results on our website and/or a website of your choosing.
Included in base price.
Post your race application on our website
Use our website to advertise your event.
Included in base price.
Race Announcing
Timing mats in from of the finish and every time a runner crosses the timing mat their name appears on a PC monitor so your announcer can call out their names as they finish the race
Portable Sound System with extra speaker
Used to make announcements, announce awards and race announcing
Fully Automatic Timing (F.A.T.)
The camera records at 2000 frames per second and is used to determine close finishes.
Inflatable Arch
used at the finish line and can be bannered with your race information or sponsors information.
Online Registration
help setting up online registration through, or The cost varies by service provider.